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2018 OCP Regional Summit Report

2018 OCP Regional Summit Amsterdam, Netherlands October 1 KEYNOTES SPEAKERS ALL KEYNOTES AS ONE SESSION (see below) Video Welcome Address Mark Roenigk Video Slides Introduction John Laban Video Slides Keynote presented by Microsoft Marc Tremblay Video Slides Distributed Compute – Presented by Facebook Hans-Juergen  Schmidtke Video Slides Summit Highlights Bill Carter Video Slides OCP/OPNFV Running…
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ORGANIZATIONS MUST PRIORITIZE HAVING CERTIFIED DATA CENTRE PROFFESSIONALS In this Digital technology era, cloud computing and IOT (internet of things) have become popular, meeting not only data storage but also business computing needs. Business solutions are getting smarter, with cloud computing and IOT services coming to the market to make work more efficient and easy…
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Africa Data Centre Association Launch. 21 September 2018, Harare Zimbabwe

“Bridging the Gap in the African Digital Economy” The success in the future of   Data Centres in the world (Africa included) is inevitable and the voice of Africa’s Economy is calling for the internet of everything as noted at the Data Centre Africa Expo Conference 2018 which was held from 8-10 February 2018 in Victoria…
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Data Centres (Everything Connected)

Online services are of increasing commercial and social importance to our society.  Behind the scenes, numerous companies are active in enabling these online services. Data centres form the core of these online services. In spite of their importance to African economy, data centres are still underexposed in the media, government and politics. In 2018 the…
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