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Professional Development Program for Your End Of Year Budget

Savannah Telecom is wrapping up its 2018 training calendar with a professional development program in Zimbabwe. Its professional development programs have certified thousands of data center professionals who have gained essential knowledge about the design, construction and operations management of IT critical infrastructures. The primary audience for these professional development programs are IT Facilities or…
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ORGANIZATIONS MUST PRIORITIZE HAVING CERTIFIED DATA CENTRE PROFFESSIONALS In this Digital technology era, cloud computing and IOT (internet of things) have become popular, meeting not only data storage but also business computing needs. Business solutions are getting smarter, with cloud computing and IOT services coming to the market to make work more efficient and easy…
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What's in a data centre

What’s in a Data Centre?

ADA lists a ‘table of contents’ of what’s exactly in a data centre.

Data centres green future

Data Centres: Potential for a Green Future

Due to their focus on efficiency, data centres are frontrunners in the green and sustainable movement.

Data Centres (Everything Connected)

Online services are of increasing commercial and social importance to our society.  Behind the scenes, numerous companies are active in enabling these online services. Data centres form the core of these online services. In spite of their importance to African economy, data centres are still underexposed in the media, government and politics. In 2018 the…
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